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Receiving Guide

Receiving Area

Receiving DNS resolution

  • You need to perform parsing before receiving the mail, otherwise you will not be able to receive the mail normally.
  • Click to view: Receiving parsing tutorial, if you don’t know how to configure, please contact customer service for remote configuration


common problem

Why can't I receive emails in my mailbox?

Self-service troubleshooting

Manual troubleshooting

  • If you are using GetMX Domain-Email for the first time, please make sure you have purchased a domain name and configured the DNS resolution for incoming emails according to the New User Tutorial Click to view: New User Tutorial

  • Use Gmail or Hotmail to send an email to GetMX that cannot receive the email, and test whether it can be received normally. Note that the email should be sent to the mailbox that cannot receive the email, not necessarily the primary mailbox. If the email cannot be received, please report the sender and take a screenshot to the customer service.

  • Go to Mailbox Management - Receive Log and check if there is a receive log. If it says Receive failed, swipe right and check the Error Log field to see the reason for the failure.


Common causes

  • Check whether the collection function is turned on. If you interrupt renewal, the collection will be automatically turned off. You need to turn it on manually after renewal (GetMX backend, domain mailbox-management mailbox-collection configuration)

  • Check whether the domain name is resolved normally. The resolution prompt must be correct (you need to check the resolution status in the background of the purchased domain name)

    Receiving Guide

  • The sending area and the receiving area are far apart, the network is not connected, the delivery is slow or not received at all, please refer to the next question Slow delivery troubleshooting steps

  • The sender sent an email to a new domain name or when the mailbox did not exist. The sender believed that the mailbox did not exist, causing the sender to cache the status of the mailbox not existing and stop sending emails (the only way is to contact the sender to refresh the sending cache).

  • Check whether the sender sends the package normally (contact the sender for investigation)

Why is the delivery slow?

First, make sure that your problem is slow email reception, not that you cannot receive emails. If you cannot receive emails, Click to view: Why can't I receive emails in my mailbox?

Steps to troubleshoot slow delivery

  • Open the Incoming Log, slide the mouse to the right to the Outgoing Log, copy the IP address, and be careful not to include the port number (remove the colon and the part after the colon)

    Receiving Guide

  • Search the copied IP address on Google to determine the country the IP is located in

  • In the receiving area, change it to an area close to the IP address, Click to view: How to choose the receiving area

  • Please note that after changing the zone, you need to modify the DNS resolution synchronously in the domain name background, Click to view: How to configure the receiving DNS, and test the receiving emails after a few hours after the modification is successful (the specific effective time depends on the DNS cache settings of the domain name platform, and the longest time is no more than 72 hours)

Common causes

  • The sending area and the receiving area are far apart, the network is not connected, the delivery is slow or not received at all, please refer to the Slow Delivery Troubleshooting Steps above
  • The sender sent too many emails at the same time and there is a queue. You can contact the sender to check.
  • If GetMX fails, you can use Gmail to send a test to your own mailbox. If the delay is still serious, please contact customer service for troubleshooting.

Why do I receive so much spam?


  1. Check whether the mailbox collection function is closed. You need to create a sub-mailbox to receive mail.
  2. Check whether the one-click collection function is turned off. You need to create a custom collection to reduce the sub-email range caused by collection Click to view:How to enable custom collection
  3. Check whether the email spam filtering function is turned on Click to view:How to turn on spam filtering
  4. Check whether the receiving rule filtering function is turned on and discard spam Click to view:How to turn on the receiving rule

What should I do if the recipient email address is inaccurate?

Receiving sub-mailbox:is a sub-mailbox record generated during the detection process of the recipient or sender.

  • There are two reasons that may cause inaccurate collection:

    1. This is just a receipt log. It will be recorded once collected (the Ultimate Edition does not collect receipt logs for the time being). We use overseas regions to receive mail, but overseas network fluctuations are relatively large. Occasionally, network anomalies may cause log collection failure or inaccurate first collection time.
    2. The problem of sub-emails under domain names being scanned by EDM vendors is common in the email industry.The scanning process will also generate a sub-mailbox record. Once scanned, many sub-mailbox records that have not actually been received will be generated, causing interference