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Usage Problems

Does GetMX's domain name email have an expiration date?Will the mailboxes under the domain name be lost?

  • You own the domain name and the email address will always be yours. Even if we go bankrupt, the email address will not be lost.
  • We are just an email service provider. Even if we go bankrupt, you can migrate to other email service providers, such as Tencent Mail.
  • As long as the domain name is not lost, the mailbox will never be lost.

Sending and receiving emails

Why can't I receive emails in my mailbox?](../operation/receive#why-cant-i-receive-emails-in-my-mailbox)

What’s the problem with slow delivery?](../operation/receive#why-is-the-delivery-slow)

Why can't I send emails from my mailbox?](../operation/send#why-cant-i-send-emails-to-my-mailbox)

Why did the emails I sent go to the other party’s spam folder?](../operation/send#why-did-the-emails-i-sent-go-to-the-other-partys-spam-folder)

Domain Name Issues

My domain name has been bound to someone else. How can I retrieve it?

Mailbox Problems

How to quickly create a sub-email account?

How to manage permissions in email?](../operation/email-manage#how-to-manage-permissions-in-mailboxes)

The mailbox is stuck when entering and it shows “unable to obtain mail list”?