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Domain Management

Access path

Dashboard -> Domain Email

Operation Guide

Add a new domain

Click the blue Domain Add button

Domain Name Management

Domain Name Management

Pay or upgrade

Click the green Renewal or Upgrade button

Detailed steps Click to view: Purchase Guide

Domain Name Management

DNS resolution

detailed steps:

Click to view: Received message analysis

Click to view: Sending analysis

Deleting a Domain

Click the red Delete button Domain Management

Note the problem
  1. To prevent accidental deletion of domain names, only the free version is supported for deletion: For the paid version with multiple domain names, please remove the domain name from the domain name version first; for the paid version with single domain name, please wait until the domain name expires before deleting it.
  2. After deleting a domain name, the domain name and the mailbox content will be deleted together. Please operate with caution.
  3. Mailboxes that are deleted will be automatically archived for 1 year (the server will be powered off and the network will be disconnected for backup). After 1 year, they will be completely cleaned up. If you need to retrieve them, please contact customer service for a fee of 50/time (there are risks in retrieval, so be careful when deleting)

common problem

The domain name has been bound to someone else. How can I retrieve it?

Add a txt analysis on the domain purchase platform: - Analysis type: txt - Analysis record: find - Analysis value: (such as Add the above analysis in the domain purchase background and verify the domain name authority After adding, contact customer service for verification. After verification by customer service, the domain name will be deleted from the original account and can be added again