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Buy Card

Access path

Pay -> Buy key-Secret


  1. Click on Buy key-Secret

    Pay directly

  2. Select the domain or domain group you want to purchase

    Pay directly

  3. Use the purchased card code to recharge a domain or domain group

    Pay directly

  4. If the card secret does not pop up after payment, you can check it in the menu bar Key-Secret List

    Pay directly


Click to view prices: Pricing - GetMX Domain Email

  • After the paid version expires, it will be changed to the free version, and two email accounts will be retained.
  • Other email accounts will not be deleted and can be opened, but they will no longer receive new emails. They will be restored after renewal.
  • If the collection function is enabled, the collection function will be automatically closed.
  • Three days before the expiration date, there will be a text message reminder of the upcoming expiration; when the expiration date comes, there will be a reminder that the service will be terminated.

Upgrade or downgrade?

Refer to Upgrade and Downgrade