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account security

Access path

Account Settings -> Safe Setting

Improved safety level

  1. Enable two-step verification
    • After it is turned on, you need to receive a verification code for verification when logging in to prevent others from logging in
  2. Disable API token
    • After it is turned off, API calls are not supported to prevent others from misusing it. It is recommended to turn it on only when in use.
  3. Improve password security
    • Change password regularly
    • Set a complex password

Change mailbox

  1. You can click Change Email in the upper right corner of GetMX background to modify it directly

  2. Make sure you use an email address that can receive emails.



Use the email address bound to your GetMX account to send an email to [email protected], and note "cancel account". Customer service will cancel your account within one working day.

  • Before sending emails, please make sure you have deleted the domain and multi-domain version paid group under your account
  • Logging out is an irreversible operation
  • After logging out, all information in the account, including domain name, email, etc. will be deleted simultaneously