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Open platform interface documentation


Dashboard -> Open -> Token Manage

Common Address

API request address

  • Growth:

  • Scale: Scale is an independent server and needs to be obtained in the background. The acquisition path is dashboard -> domain-email -> email-manage -> api-information. The screenshot is as follows:


Note the problem
  • Single-Domain Scale, the API address requested by each domain name is different
  • Multi-Domain Scale, in a single payment group, all domain API addresses are the same


Token Generation

  • Click on the link above to generate token

  • Click the Reset token button to generate a token for API interface requests

    Token generation

Note the problem
  • Token only supports reset, does not support secondary viewing
  • After the reset, the previous token will be invalid immediately.

Token Security

  • To ensure your data security, you can usually turn off token access and only enable token access when you need it.
  • The token is very important. Please do not leak it at will. Leakage may cause your data loss.If you find a leak, reset it immediately.

common problem

API request prompts no token?

  • Focus on three areas:
    • post request
    • The request format is form
    • The request parameters are placed in the form. Depending on the language, they may not be concatenated.
  • Refer to the official demos of other languages. If it still doesn't work, download a postman and simulate debugging. API request postman

Why can't I get emails through the API?

  • To troubleshoot time issues, the interface time selection dimension is day. If you select the day, please add one to the date. For example, if end_time is set to 2021-05-01, it means 2021-05-01 00:00:00. If you need to request data for 2021-05-01, please set it to 2021-05-02