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Subdomain collection rule configuration


Dashboard -> Domain Email -> Email Manage -> Sub-Domain

What is subdomain collection?

Before understanding subdomain collection, you need to first understand what a subdomain is?

  • is the first-level domain name, is the second-level domain name, is the third-level domain name, and the second-level and third-level domain names are subdomains of collection is different from ordinary collection. Subdomain collection is based on domain name.

Subdomain DNS resolution?

Before using subdomain to collect mail, you need to configure subdomain resolution first. This resolution is different from the receiving resolution and needs to be configured separately.

Click on the button Sub-Domain receiving DNS configuration -> Change Regions -> Automatic DNS configuration -> Refresh DNS

The above Automatic DNS configuration can also be done manually, manually configure in the domain name background

The DNS resolution of subdomains needs to use the wildcard *, which is only supported by comprehensive DNS resolution platforms such as godaddy and cloudfare. If the platform you purchased does not support it, please use a supported resolution platform for the domain name DNS resolution, or configure resolution for the subdomain separately (use a subdomain and add a subdomain resolution).

Subdomain email receiving analysis

How to enable primary mailbox collection?

Click the blue ``Catch all Sub-Email by Admin-Email```` button

Collection rules configuration

How to customize collection rules

Click the green Create Rules button

Collection rules configuration

View the collection rules

Collection rules configuration

Priority Issues

If the subdomain to be collected has been added to GetMX independently, priority issues will arise.For example, subdomain collection is enabled under, but is also added to GetMX. In theory, this should be avoided to prevent management confusion. If it must be added, the priority specification is as follows:

  • Receiving: The corresponding mailboxes under the two domain names will receive the email
  • Receiving quota: Use the quota of
  • Configuration: Use the configuration information under the domain, such as: spam filtering, SPF, receiving rules, etc.

Collection Rules

Custom Characters

  1. {all}
    • Match all, such as: zhangyi2022, 138881909liu, 123456, zhangyi
  2. {number}
    • Match numbers, such as: 2021, 13888888888, 1, 666
  3. {letter}
    • Match letters, such as: zhangyi, weixin, test


For example: if you set {all}@{all} to collect to [email protected], then [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and countless other mailboxes that meet this rule will be collected by [email protected] mailbox

Check Collection

Click the yellow Check Alias button

Collection rules configuration

Enter the receiving email address to query the matching rules and the email address being collected.

Note the problem

  • The subdomain collection function is currently only supported by Professional and above versions
  • When using {all}, it will match everything. You cannot add {number} or {letter}
  • {letter} or {number}, it is best to use only once in a rule to avoid confusion and difficulty in management
  • The receiving check does not support manual subdomain collection at the moment. If there is a problem with receiving the mail, please check it manually.
  • If the domain name you are adding is already a subdomain, it is not supported to enable the subdomain collection. Only the root domain name can be enabled for collection