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Spam filtering

Access path

Domain Email -> Email Manage -> Spam Filtering

Filter method

SPF Verification

SPF是一套电子邮件认证机制,可确认邮件是否为授权服务器寄出,防止有人冒充真实发件人发件,SPF一般设置TXT记录来设置发送邮件服务器的IP或IP范围,如邮件从非上述IP地址寄出,则认为是伪造邮件 开启后,未通过验证的邮件会丢弃处理

DKIM Verification

DKIM is an email authentication mechanism. The public key provides digital signature and identity authentication functions to check whether the sender, subject, content, attachments, etc. have been forged or tampered with. The sender will insert DKIM-Signature and electronic signature information in the email header. The receiver will verify the public key after obtaining it through DNS query After it is turned on, emails that fail to pass the verification will be discarded

Content Filtering

Content filtering is a spam mailbox content filtering system that verifies the mailbox content to determine whether the email content is spam After it is turned on, emails that fail the verification will be filtered into the spam folder.