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Receiving rules configuration

Access path

Domain Email -> Email Manage -> Receive DNS

What are the receiving rules?

Receiving rules are a way to filter emails through certain rule configurations, reducing the number of unwanted emails entering. This not only increases the speed of opening mailboxes, but also reduces the amount of credit occupied.

Filter method

  • Conditional judgment
    • Any condition
    • All conditions
  • Rules support filtering
    • Sender
    • recipient
    • title
    • content
  • Action Execution
    • Discarding mail
    • Put in the trash

Configuration reference



  • Supports up to 50 rules. If not enough, please contact customer service to add more rules.

    Note the problem

  • A single rule can also create multiple conditions without adding multiple rules, which would reduce efficiency.

  • Discarding emails does not occupy the quota, but putting them in the trash does.

  • System emails (such as bounced emails, system notifications, announcements, etc.) that do not comply with the receiving rules will be pushed to the default folder

  • If you need to configure multiple domains at the same time, please use Multi-Domain-Paid Group, which can configure all domains with one click Click to view: Multi-Domain-Paid Group Receiving Rules

  • When configured as "does not include", only emails that meet the following conditions: email title or content contains the specified content will be accepted, and other emails will be discarded.The whitelist logic is prone to misoperation. Only when you are very sure that you want to receive specific email content, you can configure "not include"