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Sending analysis

Access path

Domain Email -> Email Manage -> Send DNS

Automatic parsing

  1. Click the green "Get DNS Outgoing Configuration" button

  2. Click the red "Automatically configure DNS" button

  3. Enter the domain name platform to obtain the required private key information and fill it in the GetMX mailbox (currently supported domain name platforms: CloudFare, Godaddy)

  4. Click the yellow "One-click DNS setup" button

  5. Click the green "Flush DNS" button

Manual parsing

Let's take godaddy as an example. Other platforms are similar. It is strongly recommended to use the automatic parsing method above ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

Note the problem

  1. The parsing must be configured and the prompts must be correct before the parcel can be sent normally.
  2. After the configuration is successful, click the green "Refresh SPF Analysis", "Refresh DKIM Analysis", "Refresh DMARC Analysis" button to check whether it is effective.
  3. Domain name resolution is cached and does not take effect in real time. It usually takes effect within half an hour. The com suffix takes effect relatively quickly. If the resolution fails, please contact customer service for troubleshooting.